Getting there

By plane:
In Sicily, there are three airports, Catania being the closed 160km then Palermo (210km) followed by Trapani (290km). Car hire prices in Sicily are relatively moderate, I usually book from Germany via A good connection exists with from Zurich to Catania but also Easyjet, Ryanair and many other airlines Sicily are flying on regular basis..

By car:
Whoever is accustomed to travel long distances should drive over night then the distance (1700 km) from Freiburg in about 15 hours. There are alternatives for example in Genoa to Palermo with the ship it takes about 20 hours. Alternatively there is also a possibility more to the south from Salerno.


Holiday village Portorosa




This is a list of places where I have had very good experience with.

Restaurants & Pizzerias

Villa Ligà

Restaurant or alternatively pizzeria in a great atmosphere. It offers seating outside or inside an old villa with a fantastic surrounding park. The culinary offer is large and of very good quality the prices in the restaurant and pizzeria move in the middle range.

Agriturismo La Camelia

Hidden is the excellent restaurant the particularly wonderful fish antipasti offer but also everything else the Sicilian cuisine offers including good pizzas. At evening timeyou can follow beautiful sunsets from some table .

Ristorante da Vincenzo

 A rather simple atmosphere restaurant with excellent cuisine. Sicilian cuisine including good pizzas.


Conad Portorosa

A very well stocked supermarket where you get everything you need. A very good meat, sausage and cheese counter. The prices here are in the middle range. The parking can be somewhat cumbersome depending on the time.

Supermercato Maxì Sidis

Relatively hidden, well sorted and relatively cheap you get everything you need.

Portorosa supermarkets

The two supermarkets have most of what you need, but in comparison a bit more expensive, they are only a few steps away from the apartment


Bars & Bakeries

Pasticceria San Nicola

A secret tip in a fascinating mountain village confectionery. Here, tradition is a great many sweet treats according to ancient recipes.

A tip the almond biscuits are the best I have ever tasted in Italian "Tutto mandorla". The granita with a Briosch is the traditional breakfast in summer in sicily.


A bar to go! The briosch stuffed with jam are delicious. Coffee in Sicily is an espresso that you must know but you can order either coffee Americano (coffee diluted with some water) or coffee doppio tazza grande (double coffee in large cup) if you prefer more liquid.

Conclusion: Cheap and good